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Initial Consultation   the initial consultation is FREE!!!

This gives you the opportunity to assess me without committment as we discuss your goals, your target timescale, the amount of time you have available to train etc... We will assess your lifestyle and screen your health for any risk factors. From the screening, we can calculate % Body Fat, take blood pressure, pulse and may assess posture and muscle imbalances. One of the most important aspects of the initial consultation is to discuss any concerns regarding exercise or health. Following the consultation, a fitness program will be designed for you to start to achieve your goals.

Personal Training sessions - one hour unless otherwise agreed
One of the first sessions will include flexibility and simple fitness tests that reflect the target goals stated in the initial consultation. These tests provide a starting point in the training program and can be compared with tests later in the program which will show the improvements made.
The sessions may include aerobic exercise (indoors or outdoors), resistance training with machines or free weights for endurance, strength or power and core training using Pilates techniques for core strength and flexibility. If the program goal is sports specific, then exercises included will be specific for the sport. All of these program elements will be put together specifically for you in a way that is challenging BUT FUN!!!

During the training sessions I will explain the reasoning behind the training so that in the future, if you want, you can be self sufficient. Of course one of the main advantages of having a personal trainer to help you is the motivational element and the disciplined regular measurements tracking progress.

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